Preserving our past and planning for our future

The Andamooka Progress and Opal Miners Association Incorporated (APOMA) is the peak body representing the broad community of Andamooka and the interests of Andamooka opal miners.

APOMA is governed by an elected committee of 9 persons who must be members of the Association. The Committee meets a minimum of once a month and is supported by a number of independent community members who attend meetings from time to time or act as consultants to assist with particular issues such as opal mining interests, regional marketing and development, community services and events.

The association’s roots were established during the 1950’s when a group of local miners joined forces for the purpose of representing the interests of local opal miners and over the next decade that organisation largely governed this isolated township which had expanded rapidly from its establishment in 1933.

On the 2nd March 1960, the group which had developed as a community focussed organisation first registered as an incorporated association with the name of Andamooka Progress and Opal Miners Association Incorporated. With the population peaking at the time at around 2000, many community facilities and services were developed during this period together with a raft of regular community events. Although the Association does not have the powers of a local council, the depth of the association’s activities in managing and developing the town to the present time is reflected in the historic collection which can be found on this website.

From the late 70s to the early 90s, reflecting a downturn in the opal industry, the population reduced significantly with a rise and fall associated with Olympic Dam mining activities, to stabilise at around 350 permanent residents over the past decade. The Association has a current membership of around 160.

In recognition of the current social and economic situation in Andamooka, and to also to maximise the benefits of the new partnership for town management, APOMA has developed a new Management and Business Plan, incorporating a Development and Marketing Plan which will dovetail into the ATMC Community Plan and regional marketing plan.  In July 2017 the ATMC was disbanded with a new more direct working partnership formed between the OCA and APOMA, as representatives of the Andamooka Community.

Over the past few years, APOMA has managed projects such as the community park redevelopment, seniors computer training, children’s splash pad and playground, trees for life plantings, natural resource management, pest and weed control, community transition to digital satellite TV, youth services, historic records and displays and town beautification. Most recently, the Association has implemented work for the dole scheme for various town projects inclusive of the refurbishment of our historic mining cottages, installation of town barbecues, street lights and signs and the upgrade of the caravan and camping site.

Various aspects of the Plan have been progressing to the benefit of the community including the re-development of the Andamooka Caravan and Camping Ground which has seen a steady rise in visitors over 2016 and 17 due to the installation of new facilities.

The Committee members interact across the broad community on a regular basis through Open Community Forums with many being members of other groups and organisations as well as regional committees and forums. In addition to this, APOMA is establishing through the plan, a number of focus groups to develop interests such as history, youth, events and marketing, community health and wellbeing and an arts development group. These groups are open to all members of the community to get involved and may include as appropriate representatives from local business and other local organisations as well as consultants from government organisations and a representative of the traditional landowners.

The Committee

Chair: David Roe-Simons
Vice Chair: John Smirnios
Secretary: Alison Smoker
Treasurer: Gill Rowley
Vice Treasurer: Rose Williams

Ordinary Members:
Rodney Mitchell
Richard Clifford
Ben Roberts
Peter Sach

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Membership is open to residents, property owners and business operators located in Andamooka. Membership is by application and renewed annually for a token fee of $10 or $5 concession and $20 Family membership which holds 2 votes. Current members are categorised under Honorary Life Membership or financial members eligible to vote, which may be a full member, family member or concession member, or otherwise non-financial members who are ineligible to vote.

Past members are also recognised and there is a provision where granted for Affiliate Membership which are ex- officio and therefore non-voting.

For more information on membership contact APOMA.

Membership Form
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Meeting Dates

Ordinary Committee Meetings are generally set down for the first Sunday of the month. Occasionally an ordinary meeting date may be altered for a particular reason. Meeting dates are advertised in the monthly Newsletter.

Special or Extra Committee Meetings may be held at other times of the month to address particular issues or urgent business.

To lodge or raise an item for discussion, please contact the Secretary. Items will need to be lodged in writing, dated and signed by the person lodging the item. Items can be emailed, posted or lodged at the Town Office by 2.00pm on the last Thursday of the month.

To discuss the procedure please don’t hesitate to contact the Secretary by phone or email available on contacts page.

Annual General Meeting is generally held in August or early September. Members will be advised 3 weeks ahead of the date, time and venue. The 2023 Annual General Meeting of the Andamooka Progress & Opal Miners Association will be held on Sunday, 26 November 2023 at 1400.

General or Special General Meetings are held to address a particular issue or event that requires the approval of the members, but there is the intention to hold a General Meeting of Members in March annually to update progress with the Development & Marketing Plan and associated activities.

Open Community Forums are held bi-monthly as an opportunity for open discussion between community members and the APOMA Committee. These are often attended by guest speakers or other relevant persons that may be associated with particular issues relating to the town or community.



The 2023 Annual General Meeting of the Andamooka Progress & Opal Miners Association will be held on Sunday, 26 November 2023 at 1400.


Notice to APOMA Members & Andamooka Community APOMA Committee Nominations – November 2023 AGM


To all Andamooka residents, opal miners and property owners eligible for APOMA membership.

Please confirm your membership of APOMA, or apply for a new membership, prior to 24 August 2023 in order to meet APOMA committee membership requirements. This can be done at the Town Office, or for:

• New members – by downloading a copy of the membership application form from the website or available at the Community Hall, Bottle Shop or Post Office. Fill in and return together with your application fee by email or post. Download form here.

• Existing members – if you have not yet renewed your 2023 membership or joined as a new member in the period commencing as of 1st October 2022, you are no longer a financial member, and need to renew to be eligible to vote, or to stand for committee, or to nominate, second or be nominated for committee. If unsure, please email, text or call the Office on 0477184485

AGM Notice: Notice to members APOMA Annual General Meeting Sun 26th Nov 2023
Proxy Form: Proxy Form APOMA AGM 2023



Previous Years

Previous Annual General Meetings:

Draft Minutes AGM 2022
Draft Minutes AGM 2021
Minutes AGM 2019 (DRAFT ratified 27 Oct19)
Agenda Annual General Meeting 11 Aug 2019 (revised 5 Aug 19)
Minutes AGM 2018 (final DRAFT revised 15 May 2019)
Minutes AGM 2017

Immediate Past General Meeting
Minutes General Meeting 26th July 2020
Minutes General Meeting March 2020 (draft)
Minutes General Meeting 17th November 2019

APOMA 2021 Audit Report – Signed
APOMA 2020 Audit Report – Signed
APOMA – Quarterly Financial Report – 1 Jan 2020 – 31 March 2020
APOMA – Half Yearly Financial Report – 1 Jul 19 – 31 Dec 19v1.xls
APOMA – Quarterly Financial Report – 1 July 19 – 30 Sept 19


Outback Communities Authority (OCA) & Community Affairs Resourcing & Management (CARM) Agreement

The OCA is a state government authority created to assist with local governance across South Australian remote townships. They fulfil many of the tasks generally undertaken by local government and work in partnership with the peak community organisation within individual towns to manage facilities and services and to also on developments to assist a sustainable future for the townships.

For Andamooka the partnership and agreement is between the OCA and APOMA. The Agreement and associated budget is negotiated and signed off between the two parties annually.

The CARM Agreement sets out the manner in which the two parties work together to manage and maintain facilities and services as well as to seek and manage funding for those purposes and also on developments that provide economic sustainability and encourage new investment, as well as programs and activities that enhance Andamooka’s lifestyle.

The CARM Agreement budget is funded by the Andamooka community via the Community Contribution Scheme (CCS) which is similar in its application to the contribution paid to local councils towards facilities and services and that amount (approximately $200,000) is matched by funds supplied to the OCA by the Federal Government which supplements local expenditure and also covers the cost of town administration.

In addition to this further funding is sought via grants for roads and community projects, some of which is applied for via the OCA and others which are applied for via APOMA.

Visit the OCA website for more information.


Mines Information

Registrations & Renewals of Mining Claims

To lodge registrations, renewals or for general information about lodging mining claims: Mines Registration Counter is located at the Andamooka Post Office.

Open 7 days a week
Hours: 9am-5pm weekdays & 11am-3pm weekends

For information on Opal Mining in Andamooka, please visit the Department for Energy and Mining webpage here.

For further information on mining claims and the registration/renewals procedure contact:
Ashley Wood, Acting Registrar Opal Field Program

Coober Pedy Office
Ph: 08 8678 9058
Email: ashley.wood@sa.gov.au


Andamooka Precious Stones Field Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA):

The Andamooka Precious Stones Field Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA), signed by the Kokatha Aboriginal Corporation and the South Australian Minister for Energy and Mining, came into operation on 7 May 2019.
Read more here from the Department for Energy and Mining.