Andamooka Historic Cottages

These structures date back to the 1930’s and they are heritage listed examples of housing for miners and businesses constructed during the first decade of Andamooka township. They have been carefully maintained and fitted out by the community over the years and they offer visitors the opportunity to get up close and experience living in early Andamooka.
Where: Opal Creek Blvd, Andamooka Hub.

Historic Machinery Display

This is a comprehensive and growing display of examples of machinery used by Andamooka miners. Each opal field is unique and so are the machines, modifications and innovations used to mine them. You will be intrigued by the engineering brilliance of early miners to convert all styles of bits and pieces of machinery into effective working machines. The Exhibit also boasts what is arguably the oldest Ingerson Rand compressor on public display.
Where: Opal Creek Blvd adjacent to the Caravan & Camping Ground.

Underground Opal Museum

Located at Duke’s Bottle House


Andamooka has two cemeteries, the old and the new.

The Old cemetery is located behind the primary school, the new cemetery on Miners Way.

Andamooka Community Hall

Located on School Road, the community hall is a central hub for the community. Dine-a-mite cafe is located inside and the walls feature art from local artists. Meetings, performances, exhibitions, and special events are held in the hall.


Open on Friday’s and Saturday’s, the Andamooka CWA Op Shop has something for everyone. It is located on CWA Road. 

Places to Go

Andamooka is centrally placed to a number of remarkable places to visit or to head to after your stay in Andamooka.

Lake Torrens

Andamooka is the entry point to the track out to Lake Torrens. Pack a picnic or BBQ (check re fire bans/restrictions) and take a day trip out to this hauntingly beautiful salt lake, which is of great significance to the indigenous peoples that roamed these remote arid lands during good seasons. 4WD is recommended but not essential. Please check in with local authorities, either Police or the SES to register your journey and for advice on the condition of the road before departing. Driving on the Lake can be perilous and is not permitted. Fines up to $10,000 may be applied.