Community Organisations, Clubs & Associations

Andamooka SES / CFS

This vital volunteer organisation responds to emergencies and distress calls in the township and surrounds.

Since their establishment in xxxx these services have performed many duties including attending fires, disaster clean-ups and rescues and a number of rescues including stranded or lost visitors.

The SES/CFS is in need of new volunteers and training is provided.
Location: Headquarters are located on Christmas Hill Road

Contact: Stefan Bilka on 0427 181 752 or John West on 0408 807 943

Andamooka Volunteer Ambulance Service

Andamooka community relies on the service of volunteer ambulance attendants to respond to emergencies and to also transport patients to and from medical treatment in Roxby Downs or Port Augusta.

The Ambulance Service is on call 24/7 and managed through the Andamooka Health Service located at the Andamooka Clinic on Hospital Road.

The service is in need of volunteer drivers so if you are interested in assisting please contact the Remote Nurses on 8672 7087.


Andamooka Sports Shooters Association (ASSA)

The ASSA is an active local sports association that welcomes new members and stages regular training sessions for men, women and young people of all ages. They stage two major events each year with the July event being the largest and attracting competitors from across Australia. Members have developed and maintained their headquarters with the assistance of local volunteers and businesses.
Location: Andamooka Shooting Range – 6km from Andamooka on Torrens Lake Road


Community Programs and Projects

Community Development Program (CDP)

The CDP, previously the RJCP has been a valuable and productive community program. The RJCP have worked together with APOMA and members of the community including those on ‘work for the dole’ arrangements, on a wide range of projects within the township. These have included the ramp to the ablution block at the caravan park, restoration work on the heritage listed Historic Cottages and protective walling to the Cottages Reserve, as well as assisting with historic records and many other works and tasks around the town. The Program has provided vital equipment to support these and future projects. Currently members of the community, under the CDP are working on the installation of street lights located at vital spots across the town as well as various maintenance projects and the collation of historic records.

    History Group

    The volunteer History Group have worked over a number of years on the collection, collation and recording of historic records, stories and paraphernalia dating back to Andamooka’s beginnings. The records and stories will progressively be uploaded onto the website and many of the photos and historic items will be on show in ongoing Exhibitions . Major items are on display in the Historic Cottages and Historic Machinery exhibits located on Opal Creek Blvd.

    New volunteers are welcome to assist with the seemingly endless work associated with documenting, preserving and displaying the history of Andamooka.
    Contact: APOMA